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The Alternative Resource Community Housing (ARCH) housing co-operative is located in Bunbury (approximately two hours south of Perth), and comprises eight co-located homes. It began in 1992, when a group of people began meeting to discuss their common need for affordable housing with security of tenure and a sense of ... Read More

First Fremantle

First Fremantle The First Fremantle Housing Collective (FFHC) is located in Fremantle (on the border of White Gum Valley), and comprises 14 co-located homes and a community facility. It was formed in 1985 after a meeting called by the City of Fremantle, which had set aside some land for ... Read More

Inanna’s House

Inanna's House Inanna’s House is located in Hilton (just outside Fremantle), and comprises nine co-located homes. It is a women-managed housing co-operative that was created to house low-income-earning women and their families. It is not a women-only space – men and children live at Inanna’s House too – but ... Read More


Subi-Leederville The Subiaco–Leederville Housing Collective is located across the inner-northern suburbs of Perth, and comprises six homes that are not all co-located. It was formed in the early 1980s, and comprises six homes scattered across the suburbs of Dianella, North Perth, West Leederville and Yokine. The homes range from ... Read More

Tapper Street Mews

Tapper Street Mews Tapper Street Mews is an 11-unit retirement village. Co-operation Housing has been providing property management services to Tapper Street Mews since July 2015 located in White Gum Valley. In October 2018, Co-operation Housing (as Trustee of the Co-op Maintenance Trust) purchased the village from the City ... Read More