BCCM Co-ops in Focus Visit

November 28th, 2019

In November 2019, Co-operation Housing hosted a BCCM Co-ops in Focus Visit for attendees of the BCCM Leaders' Summit and anyone else interested in coming along.

The BCCM is the Business Council for Co-operatives and Mutuals.  The BCCM's Leaders' Summit was held in Perth.  The tour was an opportunity for attendees to see and learn more about the housing co-operative sector in Western Australia; the invitation to join the tour was extended to anyone else.

The Co-ops in Focus Visit or tour visited three housing co‐operatives in the Fremantle area: Inanna’s House, First Fremantle Housing Collective and Pinakarri Community.

At each of the co-ops we were welcomed by residents who shared stories and answered questions about the history of their co-op and what is is like living in a co-op.  The bus drive provided further opportunity for questions and discussion.

Co-op Housing Tours are a great way to explore various aspects of community living.  Want to join us on the next one? Subscribe to our newsletter to learn when the next one is.