Mia Mia

April 1st, 2021

Mia Mia Housing Collective


Located: Denmark, Western Australia
Date established: 1993
Number of dwellings: 15
Land area: 13,540sqm
Number of residents: 25
Demographics: Intergenerational
Shared facilities: Gardens and a common house


The Objects of the Association are:

  1. To advocate for and on behalf of its members.
  2. To maintain a system of management by members.
  3. To maintain a housing collective for the purpose of providing accommodation for its members, under an agreement which excludes the right to sub-let.
  4. To provide access for lower income earners to affordable housing, with security of tenure.
  5. To promote the development of a community ethos which emphasises harmony, sharing and caring, and respect for individual rights and needs.
  6. To manage the land and houses in an environmentally-sustainable manner.


The Mia Mia Housing Collective began in 1991 and was originally known as the Great Southern Housing Collective.  It was developed from funding under the Local Government Community Housing Program (LGCHP) on land purchased by the State Government.

What makes it special

The development was constructed in 3 stages. The first stage consisted of two, two bedroom, three, 3 bedroom and one 4 bedroom dwellings. The second stage, which was constructed in 2002 included two, 2 bedroom and four, 3 bedroom dwellings. Whilst the 3rd stage, which was constructed in 2014, consists of three, 2 bedroom dwellings.