Powering Communities Grant

March 31st, 2022

Climate Clever Co-ops

Mr Josh Wilson MP recently visited our office to learn more about our 'Climate Clever Co-ops' project.  His office supported our application for funding with a Powering Communities Grant.

what is climate clever co-ops?

Climate Clever Co-ops is an affordable and engaging way for housing co-ops and their residents to become leaders in climate action.  The project will conduct a baseline assessment of the carbon emissions of housing co-op residents using the ClimateClever app. ClimateClever is a simple-to-use, WA-developed, online platform which enables users to accurately measure their carbon footprint and understand where and how they can make carbon and cost savings.  Often no or low-cost measures have a significant impact. The results will be used by the housing co-operative to plan for other measures as part of their maintenance planning.

About the Powering Communities Program

The Powering Communities Program provides each of the 151 Federal electorates with $67,700 to fund small projects. These projects aim to assist community organisations improve their energy efficiency practices and lower their energy bills. Federal Members of Parliament (MPs) identify potential projects and invite applications from their electorate.

We thank Mr Josh Wilson MP's office for their support for this project. 

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